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2 March 2020

Devlog #1

by Robert Blanch

Lots of work done this week on The Fusioneer!

alt text

I started by fixing a bug where projectiles would go through walls. It now feels a lot better to use the sniper rifle.

I added a health potion and took away health regeneration. Now, enemies drop health potions and currently is the only way to gain health back. I thought this was better than a simply health regeneration as it adds depth and challenge to gameplay.

More bug fixing and UI work. I added a counter to the screen which shows how many souls the Player has! I also rewrote the code for mining and made mining dev tools.

This was actually a bit of a challenge. I made a transparent outline for mining, which shows which blocks you can mine according to the player’s mine size. Have a look below!

Movement and jumping was ‘revamped’. There is now a small window to jump after leaving the ground, making jumping more forgiving and smooth. I also added leeway on input, where if you hit the jump button a small time before hitting the ground, the player still jumps!

I added effects for jumping, block mining and block placing and overall feels a lot more smooth now.

And an FPS counter to see what FPS my build has!