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Our Projects

The Fusioneer (In development)

The Fusioneer is a 2D RougleLite Platformer where Player’s fuse weapons and attacks together to handcraft deadly combinations.

Unlock numerous attacks and skills to use during your runs.

Fight your way through a giant map of monsters.

Use your environment to your advantage: Every block is manipulatable!

World Map Generator (Out now!)

Avaliable now

alt text

World Map Generator is a highly customizable solution for a world map. It generates a world map of nodes and creates connections between these nodes. The algorithm creates nodes and connections entirely dependent on user input. With over 27 input fields, this is a solution that can create an infinite variety of styles and can easily be molded to fit the shape of map you desire.

alt text

With a custom editor, all you have to do is click ‘Generate’ to easily view how your changes effect the generation. It is as easy as changing a value and pressing a button.

alt text

World Map Generator can be effortlessly extended with greater functionality, as it is fully documented with easy to read code.


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